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Why should you register your company
at e.jubinale.com?

With a single registration of your company, you will be able to use different functions of e.jubinale system for many years.

At present, you can use e.jubinale to:

  1. register your company once for many years;
  2. avoid filling out time-consuming:
    • application forms
    • registration forms,
    • order forms;
  3. link to your company any number of employees, co-workers or accompanying people to participate in Jubinale:
  4. print a personal entry pass for each of the people associated with your company, authorizing to:
    • visit Jubinale as a buyer,
    • visit Jubinale as an accompanying person,
    • work at your stand as an exhibitor,
    • stay at the exhibition grounds to build or dismantle your stand;
  5. simply click to report the need for additional services, such as:
    • order advertising during Jubinale,
    • order a language support of a hostess at your booth ,
  6. initially calculate the cost of participation in Jubinale;
  7. get familiar with current plan of the hall;
  8. store documents related to participation in Jubinale in one place.

Thanks to e.jubinale you are independent and you save time!