How to print a personal Registration Card, authorizing to enter the fairgrounds?


  1. To print personal entry pass, firstly make sure that you are logged in to e.jubinale.

  2. In the menu on the left side, select “JUBINALE” tab, then choose Exhibing and select Entry passes. You will see a list of people linked to your company. If you would like to add more employees, please follow the procedure explained in the question “How to add yourself and/or an employee to the list of people participating in Jubinale?”, which can be found in the FAQ section –

  3. Next to each name, in the “Actions” column, please select “download personal registration card” next to particular name. Registration Card will be downloaded to your disk in pdf format. If you are an exhibitor, you can also print Registration Cards for technical service. All you have to do is select the “download Registration Card for the service” option.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you are an exhibitor, you can also print Registration Cards for building/dismantling team. Simply click on download registration card for service”.

  5. Open the downloaded registration card, print it out and follow the instructions on the printed document.

  6. Repeat the.above steps for each person from the list.

  7. Having a printed Registration Card will allow you to quickly collect you personal entry pass at the Registration Point.

IMPORTANT! Upon colleciton of your entry pass at the Registration Point, in addition to the Registration Card, you will be required to show any document confirming your identity.

If after selection of “List of employees” you do not see the names of your employees, you will have to add them to that list. Otherwise you will not be able to print the registration cards.To do it please follow these instructions: