How to prepare your company for the exhibition?

The better you prepare your company, the better your resultt will be. What is worth remembering when preparing your participation in the fair as an exhibitor?

Start by defining the goals you want to achieve at the fair.

List all goals, then assign each one a priority (while the most important gets 1 etc.). According to the Pareto rule (20% of activities gives 80% of effects), focus on a few key goals. According to AUMA research, the exhibitors’ expectations of the fair are led by acquiring new customers and consolidating relationships with existing customers (both 83%) and increasing company awareness (81%). What are your priorities? Set them before each edition of the fair, because the role of the fair changes over time. For example, in 10 years the expectations regarding recruitment at the fair increased the most (from 10 to 19%).

Choose the fair that will be best for you

The greater the proportion of visitors to particular event matches your client’s profile, the greater the chance that you will succeed at it. Find out the main profile of the exhibitors and visitors. Follow reviews about the fair, try to visit them before you exhibit.

Take care of visitors

The fact that your potential customers will be at the fair does not mean that they will visit your stand, because the time they have is not enough to visit all exhibitors. The best buyers spend 80-90% of their time on previously arranged meetings, so instead of counting on chance, invite them to your stand beforehand. Make sure you have a good location and help your customers find you (e.g. by using advertising activities at the fair). Let the appearance of your stand distinguish them from others and encourage customers to visit it. Make their visit a pleasure (treat him as the best guest in your home). Provide competent and friendly service, take care of refreshments, music and even smell, organize competitions, create opportunities for “selfie”, be active in social media. When choosing products, take care of new ones (according to research, learning about new products is the main reason for visiting fairs).

Use the fair for public relations purposes

Invite the media to your stand, interest them in what you present at the fair, prepare press materials for them, give interviews, provide information and photos after the fair. Public relations is one of the cheapest and at the same time the most effective ways to create a positive image of your brand.

After the fair – do your homework well

Contact those who visited you faster than your competition does. Thank you for your visit and keep your promises (e.g. contact at certain times or sending promised information). Analyze the implementation of the set goals to better prepare for the next trade fair.

Jerzy Osika