Conscious exhibition marketing

Have you ever wondered why some stands and exhibitions are remembered by you and others, even more impressive, you forget? Today it’s not enough to create a good concept and stick to it. It is not enough to use best practices. It’s not enough to rely on visual attractiveness. The contemporary product at the fair as well as the stand itself must be kept in the current trend and carry a certain philosophy. Small details that we see, inspirations, images – are often a fragment of a larger whole.

Emotions are undoubtedly one of the most important trends today. Without stimulating this sphere, what we show and how we show it will be just a collection of certain items or services. The key to success is to present not so much the product itself, but the emotions associated with its use. You have to realize that clients make decisions mainly as a result of emotions or feelings, which often have no logical justification.

Good exhibition architecture plays an important role. So-called “rich” exhibtions, they are slowly becoming out of fashion. Stand designs should be friendly and above all build some kind of interaction with the recipient. A personalized arrangement referring to a specific brand perfectly affects the presentation of the product itself. In this way, we build a certain story around a brand or product, which often begins long before the fair and we hope that it will last long after.

Extremely important is also an exhibition staff. Commitment to interacting with visitors perfectly builds emotions and trust in regular but especially potential new customers. The most important thing is that the person approaching the stand does not feel an intruder. The way you talk to people at trade shows sets the level of your company’s business culture.

All of the above activities are to cause that several market days extend to several months. That talks with regular, new or potential clients would last long after the meeting. This is even more important than just being at a trade show or presenting a product.

The idea for the company’s trade fair presentation evokes emotions leading to conversations and discussions. We remember the things that we remember the most. This builds and strengthens brand recognition and, as a consequence, draws attention to the product. Because today even the best product is not enough. For this, any activity that goes beyond its presentation is crucial for creating conscious market marketing.